SQL Scavenger Hunt with BigQuery

What I Learned

  • How to SELECT columns FROM a table WHERE certain conditions are met.
  • How to use GROUP BY to apply functions like COUNT() to each group separately. And how to filter out groups using HAVING.
  • How to return sorted data with ORDER BY and how to work with dates in SQL.
  • How to use WITH and AS to make your code succinct and easy to read.
  • How use use JOIN to align data from multiple tables.
Data from OpenAQ Data from Hacker News Data from US Traffic Fatality Records Data from Bitcoin Blockchain Data from GitHub Repos Google BigQuery
Open Dataset from Google

My Shared Kernels

What is Next?

Try writing an interesting analysis kernel on one of the BigQuery datasets and making it public. (The winners will win $1000 on on February 15th and 22nd.)